Funeral Director Walter J. Kent, the 2016 NYSFDA President, flew down to the Arkansas workshop of the Rosewood Classic Coach Co. to take a brief test ride....... “I love the car. I just like the uniqueness of it – nobody else has one, and I do.” 

- Walter J. Kent

Photographed at every funeral - liked and shared by thousands.

- Anonymous

We have a great testimonal about the guys at Rosewood Classic Coach and Richard Neal. We recieved our 2019 Grand Oval Coach and matching Princess Sedan delivered by Mr. Neal and couldn't be more pleased. We are in a unique situation being the oldest family-owned funeral home in our city. We have never seen a family or friends stop and take a picture of our funeral coach and limousine untill now. We can't even go get gas without everybody stopping us, taking pictures and asking about the cars. Again we are truly pleased and highly recommend their quality and uniqueness. Yes our volume has increased.

- Monte Joe Brown

The best decision ever made. The day of my delivery, we took it to gas the Grand O'vale up and the police followed behind us to the gas station. Lo and behold they were amazed and wanted to o take pictures of this beautiful ride. My son Lil Prince Davis loves it and the families we serve also. With just this vehicle our business has increased even more. It's presentation all by itself. Thanks Rosewood Classic Coach. From: The owner of Eternal Rest Funeral home Inc. Houston Texas. Not affiliated with any other Eternal rest funeral in or around any other city or state.

- Michael O Davis Eternal Rest Funeral home Inc