About Us

“Our heritage is in the funeral industry – but our passion is in the Prinzing”

Rosewood Classic Coach was created by Richard Neal, a fourth generation funeral Director and embalmer with a passion for classic cars and professional vehicles. As a child growing up in a small town funeral home, his father Bob Neal bought and sold used funeral cars as a way to support the funeral home during slow times.  “ I remember my dad wishing so bad that he could paint or repair cars himself, that I became obsessed with learning how to do just that – before long I was completely restoring and reinventing cars not just for myself but for others as well – I love to create and make something out of nothing – the rougher the better!” 

Richard got into the funeral business when his great-grandfather and great-grand-uncle were building caskets back in 1924. His great-grandfather began the funeral business in Walnut Creek, Arkansas which was then inherited by his grandfather. Neal's father later got the business in Brinkley, Arkansas as Bob Neal & Sons. Then in 1988, Bob Neal bought a funeral home in Morrilton, Arkansas and Richard was given it to run it. Richard has brought new technologies to the business through videos during services and in-house printing of the programs. With the love of cars still in Richard's mind, he found a custom, hand crafted funeral vehicle and knew he wanted to get involved. The creator was Max Prinzing from Minnesota. Both Prinzing and Neal spent nearly 3.5 years creating the first custom hearse. In 2008, the custom hearse was finished and Morrilton became its new home. The reaction from the town was extraordinary. From there, the business grew and has become a known manufacturer across the country and world. 

Our staff are all specialists in their fields of fabrication, body work, mechanical and electrical, having served for decades in each of these areas, as well as having multiple certifications and extensive training from ASE and General Motors.


Rosewood Classic Coach has been featured in many magazines and news publications. This includes: Inc Magazine, The Washington Times, American Funeral Director, Southern Funeral Director Magazine, Funeral Business Advisor Magazine, and The Arkansas Business. To see these articles please click the links below! They have great information about our business and our history. 

Inc Magazine: https://www.inc.com/leigh-buchanan/rosewood-classic-coaches-is-pimping-your-very-last-ride.html

The Washington Times: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/dec/6/rosewood-brings-retro-style-to-hearses/

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Funeral Business Advisor Magazine article 2: https://funeralbusinessadvisor.com/rosewood-class-coach-announces-their-new-hearse-the-grand-vista-funeral-coach/funeral-business-advisor

Southern Funeral Director Magazine: https://www.rosewoodclassiccoach.com/sites/default/files/2021-06/Southern%20Funeral%20Director%20Magazine.pdf

THV11: https://www.thv11.com/article/news/local/made-in-arkansas-morrilton-company-builds-hearses-with-unusual-twist/91-287001489


There are also podcasts that Richard Neal has participated in! These podcasts give great detail about Rosewood Classic Coach, our history, and the many changes in the funeral home business. 




Get to know our Staff! These are the hard working employees of Rosewood Classic Coach that are dedicated in making the best custom funeral hearses and sedans. Without these people, Rosewood Classic Coach would not be where it is today. They are all important to our business and passion in providing extraordinary vehicles. 

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