“The funeral industry is an ever evolving industry that will always balance the fine line between service and profitability. In today’s world of the internet, the informed consumer, third party sellers, cremation, and the emerging “green” funeral movement, it only makes sense that we – like our customers – seek out the most for our money, and begin making business decisions that look beyond a 5 year purchase cycle, and seek out long term solutions. I feel that it is time that the funeral industry has a true ‘purpose built’ professional car.” –Richard Neal
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“Our heritage is in the funeral industry – but our passion is in the Prinzing”

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Made in Arkansas Story on THV 11

We were featured on THV 11's Made in Arkansas segment on December 4, 2014. Ashley Blackstone with THV 11 was in our shop interviewing Richard and looking at the cars. Check out the video below! … [Read More...]



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